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South Dakota Bird Conservation Plan.

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Richard Artley has kindly provided a compilation of quotes that may be of interest and use to conservationists and others protecting our natural heritage. For the quotes click on the bullets below.

1) Commercial logging and thinning: 1) harm the proper functioning of forest ecosystems, 2) create conditions where fires burn with more intensity, and 3) are not effective at reducing the dangerous fine fuel loads.
2) The reasons why a post-fire landscape must never be logged.
3) Weather and climate (not fuels buildup) are the real reasons for the increase in wildfire frequency and severity.
4) Roads have a very adverse effect on the proper ecological functioning of all natural resources in the forest.
5) The natural resources in a forest benefit from insect and disease attacks . . . in spite of the fact that some trees die.
6) Placer mining inflicts severe adverse impacts to aquatic resources.
7) Livestock grazing on public land inflicts severe adverse impacts to aquatic resources.
8) Thinning should never be considered an acceptable practice on publicly-owned national forests.
9) Benefits of wildfire to the forest’s natural resources.
10) The harm inflicted on the forest by fire suppression.
11) Herbicide dangers.