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The Prairie-Hills Audubon (PHAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. PHAS works to conserve the rich natural resources and wildlife heritage of the prairies and hills of western South Dakota and the surrounding region. PHAS is a volunteer grassroot organization. Assistance, support, and donations are greatly appreciated.

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Old News (4/9/21 - This page is out-of-date & needs to be refreshed - we will be updating the web site)

NEW VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - PHAS is run by volunteers. PHAS needs new volunteers to help run our organization. Our mission it to educate about, protect and restore our environment and natural heritage. We need help in many areas including: publications, programs, fundraising, membership, field trips, field work, and education & conservation. Call Nancy at 787-6779 or email phas.wsd@rapidnet.com.

LOGGING TO CONTROL INSECTS: THE SCIENCE AND MYTHS BEHIND MANAGING FOREST INSECT “PESTS” is a new publication about the "science" of logging under the guise of insect control. Download the report here. The same author also has a report on insects and roadless areas which can be downloaded by clicking here.

The second South Dakota Breeding Bird Atlas, starting in 2008, is a statewide survey to determine the current distribution and status of every bird species breeding in the state of South Dakota. For more information click the Citizen Science tab.

South Dakota Bird Conservation Plan. Click here to download a copy of the 2005 State of South Dakota bird conservation plan.

Here is a fact sheet about prairie dogs, created during an old campaign. Click here to download a prairie dog factsheet. For the facts about prairie dogs and plague click here.

American Dipper Petition. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has rejected a petition to list the Black Hills population of American dipper has endangered or threatened. Read the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance press release regarding the FWS determination.

Click here to download The Amended Petition to the Environmental Quality Council for Designation of an Area Known as Sand Creek as Very Rare or Uncommon (note - its a very large file). The petition was submitted to the Wyoming EQC on August 12, 2009 by the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance. This petition failed and Wyoming legislature changed the law so no new Rare and Uncommon areas could be created. The Prairie-Hills Chapter of the Audubon Society was an endorser on the petition. Click here to see Nancy Hilding's letter regarding protection of the area. This is a beautiful and special area of the Black Hills and the petition will help educate you about how special it is.