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Prairie-Hills Chapter of the Audubon Society works on a wide variety of projects (click the Mission tab above for more information). A list of some of the activities can be found to the right.

Sand Creek Project. View a map of the botanical values of Sand Creek (map 1, map 2), a map of the wildlife value, a map of rare plants, and a map of the special designations of the site. The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance submitted an Amended Petition to the Wyoming EQC for Designation of the Area as Very Rare or Uncommon (Docket No. 09-1102).

Rattlesnake Timber Project. Rattlesnake Timber Project Alerts. Here is a Sample Comment Letter for the project. For more information read the following.


The Bearlodge Ranger District  (Black Hills National Forest) has released the Draft EIS for the Rattlesnake Forest Management Project, which proposes a very large timber sale that encircles the Sand Creek Roadless Area, (which is in Black Hills of Wyoming to the west of Spearfish, SD and south of Beulah, Wyoming). It may result in controlled burns and some mechanized fuel treatment within the Roadless Area and it will impact, with roads and logging, a relatively wild area of the Black Hills National Forest, which surrounds the roadless area.

This is a very special area of the forest, -- The Roadless area is surrounded with relatively wild looking landscape and provides exceptional opportunity for a back country hiking experience, in a very, very beautifully, wild looking  place.  It has rare plant communities and rare plants, an exceptional stream, a rare fish, trout fisheries ,cliffs, wetlands, large pine yellow-bark trees, montane grasslands, lots of deciduous forest and deciduous under-story. It is very lush in places.