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SD Legislature 2023 Calendar for the Session::

We are working on updating this page for 2023.  DRA & SDGFP have  2023 bill tracking services – see the red colored links to the right: DRA- 
DANR/DENR used to have Bill Tracking, but we are not sure about this year.  Time of last update to this web page, is registered at the very bottom.    
Depending on the Committee you can testify remotely.  The instructions
 for 2022 still apply: 

Groups or individuals wanting to testify before any committee via remote means or submit a digital handout or written testimony may submit their request and/or materials in advance to committee’s e-mail (maybe there is a 24 hour advance deadline or not) Instructions on how to participate remotely in Legislative hearings:     

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SD 2023 Legislature began meeting on Jan 10th, 2023 – Resources at LRC 

To learn about session visit:
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Committee and Chamber members and agendas

 Groups or individuals wanting to testify before any committee via remote means or submit a digital handout or written testimony may submit their request and/or materials in advance to committee’s e-mail (maybe there is a 24 hour advance deadline or not). Instructions on how to participate remotely in Legislative hearings:
List of all legislators – click on yours for their e-mail address, which is FIRST NAME.LAST (there is a dot between first and last name) If there are legislators with the same name it gets more complex:

Or call and leave a message with the pages; tell them who message is for, the message, who you are. The page will deliver your phone message to their desk, Senate 773-3821, House 773-3851

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page we have the e-mails for last years (2022) full house and full senate – this list needs to be updated, but many on the list are still in the legislature, but may have switched houses..  We also show the members of some 2023 key committees. 

Bill Status Report – this gives you a summary of the status of all bills at the time you down load it.

Extensive bill tracking– in  past years Nancy Hilding studied all bills and engaged in bill tracking for environmental and good government bills that was placed  on this web site, which she updated every few days. If you want copies of previous years bill tracking, contact Nancy.  This year DRA has a google spreadsheet published on their web page with bill tracking of environmental and “good government” bills. So us doing so also, would be redundant. Visit the DRA link:

For 2023 we will just track some key bills that are competitive or significant issues to us. (scroll down) 


Environmentalist Lobbying
Conservation Groups – Dakota Rural Action, Sierra Club, Izaak Walton League of America – SD Division, SD Camo-Coalition, & South Dakota Renewable Energy Association usually have full or part time lobbyists who are located in Pierre. Black Hills Clean Water Alliance sent in a Lobbyist as needed.
The above may send out legislative alerts or weekly updates to members/friends.
SD Camo Coalition has a web site and David Nauman lobbies for them.
Dakota Rural Action  (DRA) posts bill tracking and sends alerts to members.  Chase Jensen is their full time lobbyist:
Black Hills Clean Water Alliance e-mails out alerts to it’s mailing list and posts some to Facebook for the bills they follow. Lilias Jarding is part time lobbyist:
 Izaak Walton League of America   Paul Lepisto is lobbyist for Izaak Walton League and sends  e-mails alerts/updates to members.  It is an excellent resource, but you need to join Izaak Walton to get it (Contact local president Mark Boddicker to join <>)
Sierra Club, SD Chapter – Mitch Richter is part time lobbyist for Sierra Club . Some years they create alerts. BHG of Sierra Club has alert on their Facebook page.
 Prairie Hills Audubon Society  (PHAS) will do some lobbying and bill tracking, which we will post herev-  scroll down.  Nancy Hilding is part time lobbyist – (from home – remotely)  Thus far we have sent out one alerts to members, but mostly  just posting to the web site.  We may start  e-mailing out some updates or alerts to our e-mail mailing list.  
Below we may use abbreviations for Committees. The full list of committees is  here
Scroll down for the Committee Member’s names and  e-mails for key committees
Bill Tracking & Alerts
 If bills are dead or have passed both houses – they are listed in finalizations (scroll down)
In  past years Nancy Hilding studied all bills and engaged in bill tracking for environmental and good government bills on this web site, which she updated every few days. This year DRA has a google spreadsheet published on their web page with bill tracking of environmental and “good government” bills. See this link. So us doing so also, would be redundant.  . We will focus here on just a few bills that are competitive or that we and/or other environmental groups care about especially.
HOUSE (still active)
HB 1029 –  revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process. 
PHAS opposes. Passed house in split vote 40-30, To Senate Ag & NR for  hearing Tuesday morning 2/21 –  Scroll down for Committee details.  DRA is lobbying on this issue.. Quote from an earlier DRA Legislative alert  “Under the auspice that smaller counties often have the issue of zoning board members missing meeting or strategically missing them to avoid contentious votes, the bill does away with the need for a quorum, and instead would allow a majority vote of present and voting members. This could create the situation where as few as one or two members of a board would be making significant zoning decisions. In addition, the bill further develops the category of ‘special permitted use’, which is a workaround that projects can seek in order to avoid the community engagement and consultation that comes with a standard Conditional Use Permit (CUP). DRA opposes this bill, and encourages anyone involved with county zoning issues to contact members of the House and encourage them to kill this bill!”
HB 1090 –  – ” An act to modify protections for agricultural operations from nuisance claims “.    PHAS OPPOSES 
This bill goes next to a senate floor vote 2/21, DRA’s Chase Jensen writes on this bill:
” passed Senate Judiciary on a 4-1 vote this week. This is a dangerous bill that clearly seeks to further immunize large industrial agricultural operations like CAFOs [Confined Animal Feeding Operation] from lawsuits. ……The main issues is that South Dakota does not have an issue with frivolous nuisance lawsuits, and the state already has protections in place for operators who are victim to such a suit. This bill goes way past any real issue and carves out legal immunity for these operations that infringe upon the rights of SD citizens who may be negatively harmed by them.”
SENATE (still active)
 Senate Bill 21 “make an appropriation for costs related to the Black Hills National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan revision process and to declare an emergency.” –
 – SB 21  would appropriate $950,000 for Department of Agriculture and 5 counties to follow the BHNF Forest Plan Revision. We oppose this bill. We fear the Department of Agriculture &Natural Resources will continue to be biased toward the timber industries concerns and will pressure  the Forest Service for a level of cutting that the Forest can’t sustain. At the very least the matching grants (that are just planned for 5 counties) should also be offered to tribes with historic claims to the Black Hills. Senate Ag and Nat resources sent it to Joint Appropriations with a do pass recommendation,  
            This was heard in Joint Appropriations on Tuesday morning 2/14/23 – Committee started at 8 am CT (7 am MT). The Committee accepted testimony but did not act on the bill as of eve of 2/16/23 and they went into recess for the weekend.  It would need 48 hours between Committee and Floor vote, so it  likely won’t see floor vote before the upcoming long weekend.   
         Nancy Hilding testified against the bill for PHAS, asking for various amendments.  Link to letter asking for amendments. 
Nancy prepared a speech but was only given 3 minutes to testify, so content was truncated, but speech was e-mailed to them afterwards.
Black Hills Group of Sierra Club also opposes SB 21 – link to their alert –
Scroll down for e-mails of folk on Joint appropriations 
HOUSE Finalization (dead or sent to Governor)
HB 1072 –  Create Severance tax on Lithium Mining.  DEAD – BH Clean Water Alliance worked on this one. It passed House but was killed in Senate Taxation (4-2-1 vote). PHAS supported this bill, it is important bill and next year we need to attempt this bill again and also attempt reform to SD Sand and Gravel Mining laws, which are very lax. Lithium is currently done under sand and gravel mine permitting not the hard rock mining laws (which are much stricter)..Link for info on Lithium mining in Black Hills:


Two bills addressing pipeline issues 

HB 1133 provide that a company transporting carbon dioxide by pipeline is not a common carrier.  DEAD  .
 and HB 1230 clarify references to the court in a condemnation action.   DEAD 
Both survived the House State Affairs and House Floor Vote (40-28-2 and  65-3 respectively) . There were originally 9 bills, 3 were withdrawn and 6 were considered in State Affairs with only 2 moving forward. Those 2 are up in the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee on 10 am CT Thursday 2/16/23, where both bills were killed. HB 1133 unanimous killing, HB1230 a split vote. Scroll down for names of Committee Members.
 One bill is about CO2 lines status that means the pipelines do not get eminent domain and one is about closing a loophole that is adverse to landowners during eminent domain condemnation proceedings. Prairie Hills Audubon Society supports these bills. 
Dakota Rural Action  is supporting and promoting these bills, visit DRA web site: c
. Information about the CO2 pipeline issues can be found on DRAs web page:
Both bills were killed in Committee on 2/16/23
DRA’s alerts on these bills written by their lobbyist Chase Jensen and we quote from one of them:
HB 1133 clarifies the definition of what a ‘commodity’ is in relation to the definition of a common carrier. Since no CO2 pipeline project is currently or has ever been permitted in the state, this is not changing the rules in the middle of the game, but rather clarifying the rules before a brand new game starts! Critically, it also does not ban or kill the current CO2 projects proposed for the state – they are still absolutely free to negotiate with landowners and continue signing up easements. Since both companies have expressed their plans to acquire 100% voluntary easements and enjoy bragging at their progress so far, this bill should not be an issue for them!”
“HB 1230 improves the statutes governing condemnation court proceedings. Currently, if a court’s decision on the value to be paid the landowner after a condemnation court proceeding ends up 20% greater than the final offer made by the company, then landowners can recover their court and lawyers fees in the settlement. However – there is no timeline on when that “final offer” is made, so what often happens is that companies wait until right before the actual trial and then make an offer worth 81% of what they think the court will decide upon, so try and get landowners to settle rather than go through the trial. This bill says that the offer considered the “final offer” by the court and jury has to be made when the lawsuit action is made. Landowners and the company are still free to negotiate outside of the court after this, but the offer made at the time of the lawsuit is the one used when calculating the 20% difference for the sake of recovering lawyers fees.”

HB 1186 –  require restitution for landowners following an unauthorized entry to hunt, fish, or trap. . Amended and passed House Ag 8-5 on 2/7. Lost on House Floor 29-39-2. PHAS supported

SENATE Finalization (dead, approved  or sent to Governor)

SCR 601“Encouraging the Executive Board of the Legislature to authorize and form an interim legislative committee on nuclear power in South Dakota”. Resolution on Nuclear Power  – It passed both Houses, unanimous in Senate, 5 opposed in House.  For info on issue-


Key Committee Members for 2022 and 2023 


Senate Commerce & Energy Committee 2023

House Agriculture and Natural Resources (H.ANR) for 2023,

House Agriculture and Natural Resources (H.ANR) for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined are same;;;;;;;;;;;; 


 Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources (S.ANR)for 2023

Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources (S.ANR)for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined ones the same,,,,,, 


House State Affairs for 2023

House State Affairs for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined ones the same,,,,,,,,,,, 

Chris Johnson (vice chair is missing from this list) his e-mail could be:, or,


Senate State Affairs for 2023,

Senate State Affairs for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined ones the same;;;;;;;


 House Transportation for 2023

  House Transportation for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023 ,  underlined ones the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Senate Transportation for 2023


Joint Committee on Appropriations for 2023

2023 Senators: 

Breitling, Bryan (R)Foster, Red Dawn (D)Hunhoff, Jean (R)Johnson, David (R)Kolbeck, Jack (R)Maher, Ryan (R)

Wiik, John (R)Wink, Dean (R)

2023 Joint Appropriations Committee e-mail list, “” <>,,,, , David johnson <>,,,, ,,, “” <>,,,,  “” <>, 

 Joint Committee on Appropriations e-mails for 2022This list has changed in 2023 ,  underlined ones the same,,,,,,,,  david.johnson@sdlegislature, gov,,,,,,,,,



 Senate Committee on Appropriations for 2023

 Senate Committee on Appropriations for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023,  underlined ones the same,,,,,,,,, 


  House Committee on Appropriations for 2023

  House Committee on Appropriations for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined ones the same,,,,,,,,, 


Senate Judiciary for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined ones the same,,,,,, 


Senate Taxation for 2023,

Senate Taxation for 2022, This list will have changed in 2023, underlined ones the same,,,,,,



 for 2022,  (mostly the same in 2023, but I have double checked all of these but not Local government, Transportation changed its’ name)

House Agriculture and Natural Resources
Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources
House Commerce and Energy        
Senate Commerce and Energy          
House Committee on Appropriations      
Joint Committee on Appropriations      
Senate Committee on Appropriations          
House Local Government                
Senate Local Government            
House State Affairs                 
Senate State Affairs             
House Taxation                 
Senate Taxation                 
House Transportation                  , 2023 changed to
Senate Transportation                      , 2023  changed to
 Bulk E-mail address lists – senate and house for 2022,  
Thanks to Laura Bidwell for creating these lists – They are out of date & need to be redone for 2023, but many names will be the same or legislator switched house. If anyone wants to volunteer to update to 2023, it would be appreciated (e-mail 
                                      Legislator’s E-mails for 2022 
SENATE  (Out-of-date)
2021 East River Senators (District 1-25)(Out-of-date),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 
 2021 West River Senators (District 26-35)(Out-of-date),,,,,,,,,
             HOUSE (Out-of-date)
 2021 East River House districts 1-13,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
2021 East River House Districts 14-25 (Out-of-date),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                                                                                      2021 West River House (District 26-35) (Out-of-date),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
Legislative and Cracker Barrels and Coffee see another of our web pages  –Here is a link to PHAS’s statewide list of legislative cracker barrels (38 towns listed) 


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