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Black Hills National Forest Campaign

  • Black Hills National forest  is being over logged and we need a forest plan revision.
  • We were insisting on release of the GTR; which we got.
  • We were insisting on a forest Plan revision ASAP to reduce the cut; Plan Revision is in the works. — Update: The BHNF released the final assessments on December 3rd, 2023. Go to our events page on that date for information. Scoping on the Plan Revision is expected in early 2024.
  • Objecting to the Forest Service use of the MPBRP (a plan to fight mountain pine beetles with logging) after epidemic is over – this use has been reduced.
  • Misuse of BHRLP (a forest wide plan for timber sales) in timber sales
  • Asking for a reduced amount of logging each year – it has been reduced somewhat, but not enough in 2023
  • Watching over all the timber Categorical Exclusions (CE) they are using to circumvent NEPA (CEs are lower level NEPA analysis when compared to Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements)
  • Various wildlife/habitat issues…habitat and species – snags, old growth, interior forest, spruce, beaver, riparian areas., various species, etc.
  • Protecting at-risk species such as various bats, American dipper, black-backed woodpecker, Black Hills mountain snail
  • Protecting back-country non-motorized recreation and protection of scenery 
  • Figuring out the 2012 planning regulations compares with old planning rule and how this will shape the Revision (new revised set of regulations)
  • Blue grouse mystery
  • Litigation may eventually be needed. Commenting on NEPA documents creates standing to be able to sue later. The Norbeck Society is fund raising to hire a lawyer to evaluate legal claims/approach. We support the Norbeck Society’s effort. 
  • We had a field trip on Monday Oct 16th, 2023 on Forestry Basics: