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Black Hills National Forest Campaign

  • Black Hills National forest  is being over logged and we need a forest plan revision.
  • We were insisting on release of the GTR; which we got.
  • We were insisting on a forest Plan revision ASAP to reduce the cut; Plan Revision is in the works. — Update: Stakeholder interviews concluded and draft assessments released for comments (comments were due August 1st , 2022), FS has been saying it was going to release final assessments in late May, but have not yet released (June 13th, 2023), Scoping on the Revision might start in July 2023 see calendar events/deadlines for updates).
  • Objecting to the Forest Service use of the MPBRP (a plan to fight mountain pine beetles with logging) after epidemic is over
  • Misuse of BHRLP (a forest wide plan for timber sales) in timber sales
  • Asking for a reduced amount of logging each year – it has been reduced somewhat.
  • Watching over all the timber CEs they are using
  • Various wildlife/habitat issues…habitat and species – snags, old growth, interior forest, spruce, beaver, riparian areas., various species, etc.
  • Protecting at-risk species such as various bats, American dipper, black-backed woodpecker
  • Protecting back-country non-motorized recreation and protection of scenery 
  • Figuring out the 2012 planning regulations (new set of regulations)
  • Blue grouse mystery
  • Litigation may eventually be needed