Wildlife Campaigns

Working to reform SD GFP on these issues (spills over to federal agencies)
  • Management of Beaver and Otter
  • Management of Mountain lions
  • Management of SD’s grouse
  • Nest Predator bounty program
  • Reform of trapping.
  • Reform for diversity on the SDGFP Commission
  • Ways for wildlife  watchers to donate to habitat and access.
  • Shooting range at Elk Creek (lead pollution to Elk and Antelope creek & two wetlands)
  • Several campaigns with GFP will go to the legislature – drafting bill
  • Networking

Beaver & Otter campaign (outside of GFP)

  • Encourage NAS in Fargo, to adopt as issue.
  • Work with agencies on
  • Education about beaver and otters.
  • Work with tribes on otters.
  • Beaver Dam analogs.

Sage grouse protection via litigation and watching SD revision of sage grouse plan (SD) ongoing

SD Prairie Dog Inventory Report – 3 yrs late


Beaver/ Otter

Mountain Lions

SD Grouse

Nest Predator Bounty Program