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Wildlife Campaigns

PHAS works tirelessly to help protect rare species such as state and federal species listed as threatened or endangered on Federal or  state lists. Protectings species that various agencies or States/Tribes have identified as “at risk” in their zone of influence, but that are not yet considered threatened or endangered. This is also species that humans have trouble tolerating as they may pose threats to humans/domestic animals or force humans to modify the plans for working the land:, keystone species such as mountain lions,  beaver, prairie dogs, bison, most predators in SD and  what SD calls “varmints”.  It also includes birds that may depredate crops/fish.


Working to reform SD GFP on these issues (spills over to federal agencies)
  • Management of Beaver and Otter
  • Management of Mountain lions
  • Management of SD’s grouse
  • Nest Predator bounty program
  • Reform of trapping.
  • Reform for diversity on the SDGFP Commission
  • Ways for wildlife  watchers to donate to habitat and access.
  • Shooting range at Elk Creek (lead pollution to Elk and Antelope creek & two wetlands)
  • Several campaigns with GFP will go to the legislature – drafting bill
  • Networking

Beaver & Otter campaign (outside of GFP)

  • Encourage NAS in Fargo, to adopt as issue.
  • Work with agencies on
  • Education about beaver and otters.
  • Work with tribes on otters.
  • Beaver Dam analogs.

Sage grouse protection via litigation and watching SD revision of sage grouse plan (SD) ongoing

SD Prairie Dog Inventory Report – 3 yrs late


Beaver/ Otter

Mountain Lions

SD Grouse

Nest Predator Bounty Program