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Review of Draft Hard Rock Mining Ordinance Pennington County Commission, continued

September 6 @ 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Review of Draft Hard Rock Mining Ordinance Pennington County Commission is on-going

The Pennington County Commission continued the review of the draft ordinance from July 19th to Sept 6th. Go to our  event posting on the July 19th hearing  for details.  Folks are requested by staff to send written comments to the Commission by no later than August 19th which would  give staff time to review and get into the BOC packets. Send to: pcboc@pennco.org

I think normally, if you don’t hope for staff to read & review – you just want Commission to read,  you are maybe supposed to send to the Commission staff by the Wednesday the week before the Tuesday meeting which might be August  31st. Ask about date flexibility for comments when it is closer to the date.

On July 19th 3 folks testified in favor of the rule, with suggestions on improvement. The review was much later in the day than expected, so some folks could not wait hours to testify.


Proposed Ordinance
We had an alert on this for July 19th meeting.
Pennington County Commissioners are:
Gary Drewes, Chair
Lloyd LaCroix, Vice Chair
Deb Hadcock
Travis Lasseter
Ron Rossknecht
A fairly current version of the Ordinance:
Commissioners’ Office Phone Number: 605-394-2171
Contact the Commissioners via their Contact Us link.
Pennington County, South Dakota https://www.pennco.org/commission
 Otherwise written testimony can be brought to the hearing or you can give oral testimony at the hearing.
You can attend in person – as the item is generally last on a long agenda, you can go & wait in the room.  A zoom hyperlink option will be available for remote viewing  if someone requests it from staff – If you want to testify remotely by Zoom, it is suggested that you let staff know day(s) in advance of the meeting – ask for a Zoom hook-up and if Zoom has been set up,  you need to tell them if you want to testify by Zoom by 8 am on the day of the hearing.


September 6
10:30 am - 3:30 pm