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SD Game, Fish and Parks Commission meeting for July

July 20, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

SD Game, Fish and Parks Commission meeting for July Thursday 20th – Friday 21st, 2023. Ran  from 1 pm to 5 pm Thursday  Central Time

This occurred in person in Chamberlain and by Zoom.  Deadline for public’s written comments to be included in the public record of this meeting (rather than the next)  was just before midnight central time on Sunday, July 16th.

UPDATE ON MEETING (it already happened)

They considered proposals on fishing, mountain lion season, turkeys and elks. They considered two petitions to increase hound hunting of lions and moved one forward to finalization in October (10/5-6/23). They did not move the mountain lion proposal presented by staff forward for finalization as no changes to the existing rule were proposed (don’t need to finalize).. But they will review again & maybe rewrite it some in September (9/7-9/8/23).

They moved forward the fishing proposals to finalizations in September (9/7-8/23).  I am not sure, but I think they moved the Turkey/Antelope draw proposal forward to finalization.

Links to web site on June 20th meeting – at this link you can download a copy of the mt lion, fishing & antelope/turkey draw proposals and the two petitions to add hound hunting
Link to Agenda PDF


Here is a link to download and or watch the 4 hour Commission meeting. This is a Zoom recording on the Zoom cloud so I have no idea how long the link will be valid.

Nest Predator Bounty program was discussed at around 12:20 MT for about 5 minutes. Mt Lions were discussed during the public open forum (1 pm – 1:33 pm MT) and also 2 petitions (1:34 pm – 2:26) and the staff presentation on Mountain lion population statistics. The staff presentation on mountain lions was at 2:26-2:44 MT.

 Passcode: E&Me+n.2
Nancy Hilding (nhilding@rapidnet.com) has a copy of the GFP powerpoint for mt lions & Nest Predator Bounty Program  as a PDFs, if you want it.

Link to SD GFP Biennial Mt Lion Status Report



      Written comments can be submitted at https://gfp.sd.gov/forms/positions/. To be included in the public record of the next meeting, comments must include your complete name and city of residence and meet the submission deadline of seventytwo hours before the meeting (not including the day of the meeting).  Usually it is the Sunday night before midnight CT or MT depending on time zone of physical meeting.  If you miss that deadline it goes to record of the next meeting.  Unless you want to send directly to each Commissioner (no deadline)  –  https://gfp.sd.gov/commission/members/ 
You can testify at GFP meetings which are held in person and by Zoom, generally at 2 pm on the Thursday of the meeting, in time zone of the meeting.

     We have some talking points posted to the Sept. Commission meeting alert. We  hope to add more talking points after an internal strategy meeting on August 2nd.
        However if you go to our Mountain Lion Alert page –   https://phas-wsd.org/cougar-alert/ – and scroll down to our alert on 2021 mountain lion season proposal, 2021 talking points apply  as talking points now, as the staff has proposed the status quo (i.e. no change – keep the season adopted in 2021 ).
However they are also considering a petition to add more hound hunting in the Black Hills.


July 20, 2023
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm